Austin Pet First Aid Course


Four Legged First Aid is a unique course that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to respond appropriately when faced with any pet related emergency.

Four Legged First Aid covers the following subjects in detail through slides, videos and hands-on learning opportunities:

  • The importance of safety and accident prevention
  • Signs of serious illness and how to determine emergency status
  • The most common pet emergencies in dogs and cats and how to deal with them
  • CPR, rescue breathing and choking/drowning recovery for pets
  • How to put together a first aid kit for the pets in your home
  • Disaster Planning for the pets in your care

Four Legged First Aid includes a comprehensive list of resources compiled by the instructor, 30+ piece Pet First Aid Kit and a certificate of completion that is valid for three years.

Classes are held in South Austin.

The class cost of $119 includes all training materials.

bandaged cat

Why You Need This Class

he hard truth is that most of our pets will need some sort of emergency first aid intervention during their lifetimes.

Four Legged First Aid is a true certification class. Students are tested on safety skills, learn by using hands on techniques on a live animal and a specially designed CPR model and must pass a written test that covers the entire contents of the class. Upon completion of the course, students receive a wallet card that is valid for three years.

As part of the class, you will receive a booklet that includes all of the slides you will see during the presentation. In addition, the booklet contains extensive reference material prepared by the instructor to guide you in further study.

If your pet needs emergency first aid just once in his lifetime, and you have the knowledge and skills to help him, this course will be time well spent!